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Mr. Charan Lakkaraju
CEO, Stumagz

Aggression, patience, knowledge, skills, hard work and perseverance, are synonyms with our speaker but, what defines him best are zeal and ever-lasting enthusiasm. Charan had an ordinary childhood with a stereotypical up-bringing. His zeal to make a difference to the world made a difference in his life.

Being a teacher's son one can claim that certain qualities are inherited but at the same time we should also remember it is only certain but not all of them. His constant love for learning new things and experimenting with his skill set opened various avenues for him. After graduation Charan joined Infosys and was a system engineer at various levels for International Banking clients. He was a part of toastmasters Infosys, and College Connect initiatives by Infosys. He was a CampusRecruitment Trainer for many reputed colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State.